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Erica Mena Spotted At Yandy Smith Movie Premiere After Party


I had the privilege of running into model Erica Mena during cast mate Yandy Smith’s ‘Life, Love, Soul’ movie premiere after party over the weekend. The event was held at La Pomme in New York City and it was very well attended by Smith’s close friends and family. Although, a very pregnant, Yandy Smith was not in attendance it was a pleasant surprise to spot Erica in the crowd.

Honestly guys, I was a little hesitant. I’ve heard about Erica’s erratic behavior as well as seen it, like much of you, played out on hit reality show, ‘Love & Hip Hop’. But to my surprise, she was quite sweet and inviting and didn’t hesitate to take a few photos while she hung with friends and seemed visibly happy and fun. She also looked really cute. I’m almost mad at myself for not getting a full photo of what she was wearing! It was crowded, busy with loud music blasting out the speakers and I got caught in the moment, sorry!

On another note, one has to wonder, either she’s actually really sweet and using the drama to garner attention for her career and it’s all an act or she’s really crazy and I just happen to catch her on a good day. Either way, it was nice to see her in a more positive light. The still question remains, however, will Erica be back for ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 3? It’ll be interesting to see what role, if any, she’ll play in the changing dynamics. It seems, Chrissy and Jim have threatened to leave the show entirely, Olivia’s music career may still be in limbo, Somaya (well we’re still trying to figure that one out ), Emily and Fab are back together, Yandy and Kimbella are both expecting, and among them is this fiesty, unpredictable and sometimes crazy model from the Bronx. I guess, we shall see…

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