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Romance at the Office: How To Make A Workplace Relationship Work


Personally, the thought of sitting around my significant other for 8 hours a day and then all day at home is exhausting to me. I like quiet and space. However, for some it becomes a way of life. Is it possible to make an office romance work? I’ve seen it done and this is what I noticed on how it can work out.

Keep it separate

Work performance shouldn’t become an argument at home. Home performance shouldn’t become an argument at work. Keep the two separate although it seems impossible. Nothing is more awkward that working with two feuding romantic partners who can’t put on a professional face and work as team members in the office. Try to keep your world’s separate when conflicts arise. And don’t forget to make your love the focus of your relationship. Although it may be difficult, leave work “at work” when you go on vacation and take time to build and talk about other things.

Be private

Unless your relationship is forbidden at work, it’s reasonable to think that some people in the office may know you are dating. However, we all know how an office environment works. Do not let your relationship become office break-room conversation. This point ties into the point above about keeping things separate. It’s frustrating when you are trying to work through a project and everyone knows you burned dinner last night.

Find Space

You’ll be together around the clock. Before you kill the other person, learn to find some space for your alone time. Maybe you eat lunch with other co-workers instead of your significant other during the week. Maybe you go to a movie or other event with different friends. Maybe you just work from home one day. Whatever you need to do to make sure that you have space to breathe will strengthen your relationship. Despite popular belief, you can be very much in love and not spend every waking moment together. Missing someone sometimes reminds you to value the time you do have together.

Set Ground Rules

Beyond knowing what your company says about romantic relationships at work, set your own ground rules as well. What will you talk about at work or won’t talk about? What level of affection (if any) is okay? Who knows about the relationship? Your relationship is essentially another job contract. Make sure you are fully aware of the expectations and requirements to keep your contract going and as happy as possible.

If you have a loving partner who is able to support you at home and at the office keep it going! That’s a level of understanding and empathy that some couples may never experience because their work is very separate and different. Just be sure you are mindful of the information above so that your work place romance doesn’t turn into a work place mess.


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