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I Have a Crush…Now What?


My heart starts racing if I hear from this person and I am finding creative ways to make our connections more frequent.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I have a crush on someone. Here I am an adult in the world and have developed a real life crush like a high schooler looking for a prom date. At least I’m not drawing my name and their name on my notebooks with hearts…yet.

Back in the day it was simple – if you had a crush you sent them a note, the crush checked yes / no / or maybe, and you moved on in bliss or despair. But what does that look like as an adult? How do you tell someone that you like them and find out if they like you too?

A crush really means I’ve started liking someone and have no clue if they are really interested or just friendly. But it’s eating me inside not to tell them so I have to tell them! Right? My crushes are usually someone I see often and would love to take beyond friendship.

Moving from secrete crush to open interest can be sticky.

1. Do your research

This isn’t stalking. Ok maybe it’s a little like stalking but it’s purposeful and not in the creepy way. Do not go hide in the bushes and get arrested. The purpose of research is to find out if your crush is already taken and involved. You will create an awkward situation if you express interest to someone who is in a relationship. No homewrecking allowed. If your crush is single, you can move to step 2.

2. Observe

Sometimes we look at our interactions with someone we like and take everything that the person does as a sign he/she is interested romantically. He touches your shoulder or she always laughs at your jokes. Of course that person must like you romantically! No. Maybe he or she does that with everyone. Notice how your crush interacts with other friends of the opposite sex. Then compare that to how he/she interacts with you. If you are getting more attention, affection, or otherwise different behavior, move on to step 3.

3.Make your move

Now that you know your crush is single and could possibly be interested in you too, it’s time to make your move. This does NOT mean brush up against them, show them your goodies, or otherwise put yourself out there as a one-night-good-time unless that’s all you want. If you want something more, you’ve got to move in the RIGHT way.  The thing about having a crush is that the other person is probably oblivious to your romantic musings. You’ll have to take the initiative to go out on a date. Don’t be afraid to speak up. The worst the person could say is no and a NO is just as good as a YES. Why? Because it saves you time and energy. You can redirect that crush-energy to someone who will reciprocate rather than quietly going crazy over someone who isn’t really interested.

Having a crush can be fun. Telling someone you have a crush on them and finding out its reciprocal can be amazing. Don’t be afraid to take it from crush to open interest. We all take a risk to fall in love, but the reward of a loving partner or a really great date can be worth the risk.

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