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5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Wardrobe


You don’t have to dress as if you’re preparing to walk down the runway of a Paris fashion show but you should want to dress to impress, at least, for yourself. Looking good makes you feel good, so why not make the extra effort in updating your wardrobe. Despite what you may think, staying atop the trends doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

Here are 5 signs your wardrobe needs an upgrade.

  1. Your clothes no longer fits: If your clothes are a bit too tight or loosely fit you need a wardrobe adjustment. You may have gained a bit of weight, loss some or simply do not know your size. Here’s a clue, some form of your flesh is either hanging out or is suffocating beneath your under carriage.
  2. Your clothes are worn: Having holey attire or ones that are washed out is a clear sign for an update. I know, that’s your favorite sweater and the dress you love so much. Trust me, fashion comes full circle. You’ll be able to get another just like it. If this is you, your closet is beyond ready for an update.
  3. Your closet is outdated: Dressing like your still a teenager is a never a good thing, even if you still look like one. You’re only as young as you feel right, but there’s no need to rehash your hey days back in 1986 with an entire wardrobe filled with tie dye and baby doll shirts.
  4. People often think you’re headed for an audition at the circus: You don’t ever want to be mistaken for a clown. Well, at least, I hope not. I know you think your style is just a bit eccentric and your creating trends instead of following them but honestly do yourself a favor, stop it! Remember, less is more. Your fashion should never scream “desperation for attention.”
  5. You have the same three outfits on heavy rotation: Okay, I know you’re on a tight budget but wearing the same outfit twice in one week may be a clear sign your wardrobe is lacking in variety. Don’t have time? Staying fashionable is just another expense you can’t afford at the moment? Here’s a tip, shopping online eliminates the time spent traveling to your local shopping center and may even offer you the best deals and discounts available. Signing up for your favorite brand’s newsletter could put you at an advantage when they’ve restocked on items you may want. You may even win an item in a free giveaway contest!

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