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The Eight Commandments of Easter Hats


I decided at age 7 that when I turned 30 I would dawn the biggest, most decorated, church hat any one had ever seen on Easter. Thirty just seems like a grown age, even now, and I am keeping a countdown. These are just rules I made up in my mind but the tradition of beautiful hats on Easter in a “black” church spreads far and wide.

The tradition began when the Apostle Paul suggested women cover their heads when entering a worship service. Head coverings have evolved from simple pieces of fabric to amazing multi colored, ribbon laden, flower adorned head pieces of wonder. There are rules to this thing – because there’s a difference between a hat that turns heads and a hat that turns heads away with snickering.

Ehow.com had an article about the eight commandments of hat wearing (below). Keep these rules in mind if you are out searching for the perfect outfit for service next weekend!

The Eight Commandments of Hat Wearing

I. Thou shalt not wear a hat wider than the shoulders.

II. Thou shalt not wear a hat a shade darker than the shoes.

III. Thou shalt only wear hats with the colors of white, cream and pastels for Easter.

IV. Thou shalt not wear a hat with crumpled, wrinkled or droopy feathers or flowers. (That would just be plain tacky.)

V. Always look tasteful and tidy when wearing “the hat.”

VI. Remember your bone structure. If a hat doesn’t fit the face, don’t buy it.

VII. Thou shalt not allow a hat to compete with accessories and jewelry.

VIII. Always let the hat be the focal point of the outfit.
Read more: History of Black Women Wearing Hats at Church | eHow.com


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