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[New Music] Kanye West: “Theraflu”, Admits Love For Kim Kardashian


Kanye West is back to doing what he does best, stirring up controversy. With new single “Theraflu” the rapper professes his love for Kim Kardashian, disses her ex Kris Humphries and surprisingly shouts out his respect for his own ex, Amber Rose’s, fiance, Wiz Khalifa. This is certainly a must listen! It’s so good it’s already a hit since it’s release Wednesday night.

If that doesn’t work try the below.

Thanks to Trent at thelavalizard.com.

Wow! Did he really threaten Humphries on being dropped from The Nets?

I’m actually happy he shouts out Wiz. In a way I guess he’s sending Amber his congrats. And really, he fell in love with Kim? Okay, good luck with that. Otherwise, great song.


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