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Ne-Yo On Why He Named His Son Mason


No weird and out of this world celebrity baby names here. Ne-Yo explains why he chose to name his son Mason.

Mason Evan Smith was born just five months ago, joining older sister Madilyn Grace, 16 months, and his dad is already gushing about him.

Ne-Yo Becomes A Dad For The Second Time

Just this past Wednesday, Ne-Yo explained to PEOPLE, during the launch of his Malibu Red private concert at New York City’s Liberty Theater, why he and long time girlfriend, Manyetta Shaw, chose a more traditional name for their son.

“We needed him to have a name that felt like a gentleman, like somebody you have to respect, ” says the singer. “Mason Evan Smith, you have to respect that name.”

He further went on to explain that he won’t be a stage dad. When asked he says, “I’m not going to be that dude that predestines my children’s future. I’m just going to do my best so that my daughter doesn’t end up on a pole and my son doesn’t end up on the corner. And whatever they do outside of that is pretty much their decision.”

What else did Ne-Yo have to say? “I missed [Madilyn]‘s first words. I gotta say the best thing about having two kids is just having two kids.

And on trying to find a balance between his career and life he adds, “Some people say, ‘One day at a time,’ I say, ‘One minute at a time.’ ”

Great to see celebrities grow as individuals and as parents. Seems like Ne-Yo has grown a lot from the “So Sick” singer we met back in 2005.

On another note, wasn’t Ne-Yo recently spotted along with his children’s mother at a Miami strip club together? Hmmm…interesting that he doesn’t mind going to the strip club but would certainly have a problem with his daughter dancing on a pole. We get no man would want that for his own daughter but the hypocrisy here is laughable.

Exhibit A: Ladies, Would You Join Your Man During A Night At A Strip Club?

We’re gonna let that one go for now Ne-Yo but come on you do “reap what you sow.”


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