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Clay Aiken Disses Rihanna’s Singing Abilities


During Andy Cohen‘s ‘Watch What Happens: Live’,Tuesday night Clay Aiken stopped by and participated in a plea the fifth session.

However, Clay Aiken did not plea the fifth. He was quite vocal on all three questions he was asked.

On who he’d “kill, screw,marry” among ‘American Idol’ host and judges, Clay says he’d kill Simon, for obvious reasons, screw Ryan and marry Randy.

On which among today’s pop singers who wouldn’t make it on a round of ‘American Idol’, Clay admitted he thought there were many but eventually said, “Rihanna, she’s got some pitch problems.”

And last, he admitted to having plastic surgery. Mostly recently sucking the fat out of his chin while having jaw surgery.

Well, what are your thoughts? Is Clay dead on of his critique of Rihanna?


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