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Spring 2012 Fashion Trends: The Color of the Season…


And that would be tangerine…the official Spring color this year. Yes, you read that correctly, tangerine. A bright and vibrant color not many can wear well, however. Here are a few tips on how to accessorize your wardrobe without going tangerine crazy.

Actually neon colors are back in season this year and this just happens to be the most popular one at the moment.

Because this color is so vibrant and bold you don’t have to do too much to wear it well. If you want to wear a blazer of this shade, a simple white tank and dark bottom is all you’ll need to pull it off. You can also opt for a neutral color like beige or white, white top and bottom, and then top off your outfit with a pair of matching pumps, or you can play it safe with a black base color (top and bottom). Take a look at how we demonstrated in the template above.

On another note, if you’re feeling bold, you can compliment this shade with another vibrant color. Yellow is complimentary color, It’s a warm tone, similar to that of most orange shades. These colors go well together. You can also add a base color like purple to enhance your look. A mixture of these colors are great because they enhance but won’t over shadow each other. Take a look at our example above.

And there you have it! Before you know it, you’ll be keeping up with the latest trends with little effort.


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