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10 Signs You May Need A Career Change



Not sure what’s your purpose in life? Not to worry, you’re not alone. You are actually among the millions of Americans, each day, who feel lost and may need to do a bit of soul searching. Typically, this happens when you feel unfulfilled in your career and there are usually several signs to tip you off. Here are 10 of which may warrant a change in employer, maybe even your career.

1. You hate Getting Up In The Morning: You’ve set your alarm for 7am but you can’t seem to make it out of bed until 7:30. You know you’re pushing it with time but you’re moving slow and now you’ve decided to make yourself breakfast. You’ll make it on time, so you think.
2. You’re Always Late To Work: Well, it took you so long to get out of bed, get ready and make breakfast you’re late! In fact, you’re always late. You always seem to think even with the little time allocated you’ll be able to get every thing done in an ample amount of time, not!
3. You Hate Your Co-Workers: If Mary from accounting don’t stop sending you e-mails and calling your extension you’re gonna lose it. Unfortunately Mary isn’t the only one. They all get on your nerves. They act like this job is their entire life. It’s the be all end all of employment. Not only do they enjoy their work, they love being here all day long. In fact, they stay late often to get things done. They’re enthusiast and they want you to be along with them. How about that employee get together after where heh?
4. You Hate Actually Doing What You’re Paid To Do: You’ve spent the last four years in school, took on a double major in English and Sociology but is currently working as an Administrative Assistant. You spend your day dreaming about being the well re-known author you’ve dreamt about as a kid and wonder if it’s too late to go back to school for a much needed change in your career path all together.
5. You Job Search At Work (not recommended): “I wonder if our competition is hiring? Hmm…why don’t I take a look.”
6. You Can’t Wait To Clock Out: You frequently ask yourself, “When will 5 o’clock arrive?” You can’t wait to leave. You may have been late but you’re certainly not staying late to make up for the time. Whatever wasn’t done today can wait until tomorrow. As long as it gets done right?
7. You Call Out Sick, Often: You’re sick. No, not really, but that’s what you’d like your boss to think. You just don’t feel like going to work today. You don’t feel going to work any day. And you just realized you may have just used your last sick day. DAMN IT!!
You Hate Your Boss: Bitch!!! This is usually the term you reference whenever she/he calls your name. Oh yes, she/he’s asking about that proposal she/he just mentioned only yesterday. Oh I’m sorry, did she really expect it to be completed already?!
9. You Get Annoyed When Friends Brag About Their Work: While you hate thinking about work after work is over, your friends bask in their latest promotion and exciting new tasks. They can’t shut up about it and you’re trying not to shove something down their throats to keep them from mentioning another word of how much they love their job.
10. You Lack Passion: “Oh, just shoot me already.” This is usually how you feel during a long day at work. You’re employee moral is low and you’ve decided you’ll no longer go above and beyond to complete any task. It’s not like they appreciate anything you’ve done anyway, right?

(Image Source: careerdirectionsllc.com)


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