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Get The Look: Bria Murphy’s Ash Bowie Wedge Trainers


Bria Murphy and younger sister Shayne Murphy were spotted out and about headed to a Beverly Hills nail salon this past weekend. Although the ladies looked beautiful, it was Bria’s Ash Bowie Wedge Trainers that caught the eye of some of our readers. She also wore skinny blue jeans, and a cropped grey sweatshirt.

I must admit they’re really cute. Now here’s where you can get them and how much you may have to shell out

You can purchase a pair of these at ASOS.com. How much will will cost you? $266.78. Not bad actually. You can also get two more varieties of the shoe, Ash Cool Bis Strap White Wedge Trainers ($315.13) and Ash Bea Colourblock Metallic Wedge Trainers ($302.59).

*Update:* Thanks to one of our readers, we’ve been informed the sneakers Bria is wearing are actually Ash Cool Bis Strap Wedge trainers ($315.13). Click the link to find out more details on these.

(Photos: Splash/The YBF)

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