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5 Tips To Help Control Your Anger


Find yourself easily irritated throughout the day? You’re overworked, super stressed, you and your significant other are constantly fighting and everything in your life seems to be going wrong all at the same time. You’re always tense and at any moment you could explode.

Truth is, many people face difficulties everyday but it’s the way they choose to handle their stress that can make all the difference. Here are 5 tips on how to keep a handle on your anger.

  1. Take a Walk– Just when you’re getting ready to burst, your best bet? Walk away! This is easier than it sounds, especially when you feel provoked. but it will serve you best in the long hall. If you engage in an argument when heated you’re more likely to say things you don’t really mean. Or worst, react violently. Walking away from a confrontation not only helps you to calm down but helps you gather your thoughts.
  2. Remain Silent – Remaining silent is certainly another challenge, especially when you feel just in making your point. When you’re silent, you’re adversary will likely feel defeated and silly to continue arguing with themselves. By remaining silent you’re no longer giving them a reason, an angle, an edge (if you will) to keep arguing. It becomes pointless. In some way, you’ve taken away their “power” and whether you realize or not, you’ve already won.
  3. Start a Journal – Writing out your emotions is a great way to vent. Here’s one place you can really lash out and take out all your rage. Here you can say all the things you really want to say without any repercussions. Just be sure to safeguard that journal. It may end up in the wrong hands.
  4. Work Up A Sweat– When you’re enraged your hormones are working overtime and you, may notice, you suddenly have a burst of energy. This is the “fight or flight” analogy. Either you’re preparing for battle or you’re analyzing a great escape route. Working up a sweat is a great way to relive yourself of your pent up aggression. Whether you opt to playing your favorite sport or dedicating 30 minutes at your local gym, this is a great you’re outlet to let off some steam.
  5. Talk About It – After you’ve calm down and gathered your thoughts you’re better able to talk about what you’re feeling. You’re even better able to process what you feel and what made you feel this way. This is the best time to speak with your adversary, and, even if you’re still unable to come to an agreement, you’ll avoid making matters worst by lashing out and saying anything insulting.

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