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Rihanna Speaks Fashion, Katy Perry, Snooki And Support of KONY 2012


Rihanna recently dropped by the set of Access Hollywood for a one on one exclusive interview. She talked taking fashion risks, her fellow musician and friend Katy Perry, Snooki having a baby and her support for the Invisible Children foundation and finding Kony 2012.

Speaks on Katy Perry Collaboration
“We have been working on this for years. We still are trying to make a song together, Katy Perry and I. She’s very uncalculated, very sure of herself, and that’s something very rare in this industry to find,” the Barbados-born beauty told Access Hollywood correspondent Jill Martin on the set of a photo shoot for Vita Coco’s new flavor, Tropical Fruit by Rihanna. “She is one of my favorite musicians, as well as one of my favorite people in the industry,” she added.

However, don’t hold your breathe. The collaboration is a work in progress. Rihanna says, “The song will probably come out in a while. I won’t say that it’s happening right now, but it’s going to happen.”

On Her Risky Fashion Choices
“I don’t do things for the response or for the controversy. I just live my life. “The clothes that I like and the clothes that I’m attracted to sometimes are sheer, sometimes are bold, sometimes they’re very daring,” she explained. I’m OK with buying a sheer shirt, because if I bought it sheer, that means I was OK with you seeing through it. Whether it was my bra or whatever else, I wear it my way. I get caught a lot of times without wearing a bra… but it was never my intention. If I don’t wear a bra, that means I didn’t want to wear a bra,” she went on to say. “It’s not usually for attention, it’s just because it would mess up the outfit completely.”

Remember her see through mesh top? Exhibit A

Watch Rihanna’s exclusive interview below.

Taking Fashion Risks

Collaborating With Katy Perry

Rihanna Talks Snooki And baby

The Singer Spoke on Efforts To Help The Invisible Children Organization

For more on Rihanna exclusive interview head over to Access Hollywood.

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