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Tami Roman Writes Open Letter To ‘Basketball Wives’ Castmates


Tami Roman of VH1’s  ‘Basketball Wives’ has written an open letter to her cast mates, Kesha Nichols, Jennifer Williams, Kenya Bell and Royce Reed, about her issues with them and why she’s feels and has acted in the way she has towards them.
If you’ve been watching season 4 of the hit reality show you’ll know Tami felt Kenya’s attendance and appearance to their meeting in hopes of finding the right team for her music endeavors was very unprofessional and tacky, She’s not quite sure if she and Jen are still friends in the midst of Jen and Eve’s feud, Kesha pissed Tami off after discussing her issues with her to Evelyn instead of confronting Tami to begin with and no one’s quite sur just how Royce ended up on the list, or perhaps, not yet. Here’s what Tami had to say.

Bitch, Bitch, and MORE BITCH!

I usually don’t blog, but I felt a need to address a few things…


To be clear, upon meeting you, I asked you respectfully to discuss anything you had to say about me…WITH ME. I wasn’t confrontational nor was I argumentative. Of course that part was edited out of the show; however you, Royce and Kenya know what I said. When you spoke to Evelyn about me; it wasn’t what you said, but the fact that you said it. I don’t walk around with boxing gloves on and I don’t fight everyone I meet. I just feel you should’ve been a real woman and brought your concerns “directly” to me. I can assure you that if you had our dealings with each other might not be so rocky.

Do me a favor, don’t be such a liar and manipulator. I know you have friends in high “Executive Producer” places, but let’s keep this all the way real. When I met you, I approached you in a friendly manner and I did not have any issues with you what so ever. Everyone in this situation knows I was told you were Caucasian, so when I met you that is why I asked you. In that same conversation (which was edited out), upon hearing your answer, I said that I thought you were mixed but wasn’t sure of what it was – to be exact, my verbiage was, “I knew there was something else in you.” I wish you had been woman enough to ask me if I thought you were denying your “black” side and I would have cleared that right up for you. On the contrary, my saying that I thought you were mixed with something was in fact ACKNOWLEDGING that you may be of African American decent. I am a product of mixed heritage and identify myself as a black woman also. I NEVER said you weren’t “black” enough… that is a flat out lie! I would NEVER try to belittle someone for that and I don’t appreciate you implying that I would.

FYI- You know that I was joking when I made the comment “You can be in the building, but I don’t need your opinion.” In fact, you can hear me and Royce laughing in the scene. Don’t take yourself so seriously and think that I care that much because I don’t. On another note, I didn’t know you at the time nor was I familiar with your dance style, so I didn’t need your opinion.

The charity event was a nice event and I was happy to be invited for such a worthy cause. However, any concerns you had with our etiquette should have been addressed when you invited us and not at the venue. Once again, you didn’t deal with things that were bothering you, which is NOT a problem with us, but a serious problem with you. If you speak on things when they happen, then all parties are clear and you can have an open dialogue about them also known as “communication”…I’m just saying.


I am proud of you and what you are doing with Lucid, but you know I wasn’t invited to your launch party. You also know that I will not attend an event that I’m not personally invited to. I don’t rely on or care what the producers of the show want to happen- simply if the person does not invite me, I do not attend. My manager Shauna attended because you sent her a text the night of the event. In case you have selective memory, we had a discussion about this at your apartment in Miami and you apologized for being too busy and didn’t remember to send out proper invitations. However, despite what you said at your apartment, I heard your real feelings on this episode…”Anyone who’s important is here” comment is truly how you felt, so maybe you didn’t forget to send invites and maybe you were being fake with your apology. At this point, I’m not sure of anything regarding my relationship with you. I simply want us all to remember to be truthful.


Kenya, I was offended by how you came to the meeting. I really didn’t think it was professional at all. However I do congratulate you on shooting your music video. No matter what people have to say about it, you did it. Getting it in the can is the hardest battle so kudos to you.


Stop saying everybody is a cool chick LMAO!


I thought that we were real friends, but I personally feel that your position on this is stepping over bounds. As a friend, I would expect you to have a neutral position and not try to defend a grown woman who doesn’t deserve it. You can be friends with both of us without voicing your opinion on the matter because truthfully you weren’t there to witness ANY of it firsthand. You are watching the edited version and basing your so-called “non bias” opinion on that OR you are taking Keisha’s version of what happened and coming at me sideways. There have been PLENTY of times when I haven’t agreed with things you have done or said and I addressed those things with you in private out of respect for you. I don’t bring my concerns to anyone but you and I definitely don’t discuss how I may feel about certain situations with the other girls. As far as they know, I have always had your back even when you were wrong.

Additionally, there have also been plenty of times when people have voiced their opinion of you around me. First thing I say, as your friend is, “Royce is my friend and I don’t want to get involved.” I would have appreciated you taking the same position. I choose not to get involved with things that don’t pertain to me out of loyalty to the people I call friends. I feel saddened that you couldn’t reciprocate.

We view “real” friendship differently and thus we may not be real friends…


I am NOT a bully. People don’t understand that Keisha is NOT innocent in this matter and she does a great deal of lip boxing behind the scenes. I am not going to try and be respectful when I have been disrespected numerous times…off camera. If you are bold enough to talk behind my back, then you should be grown enough to handle the repercussions of your actions and words. The editors have done a wonderful job of putting my outbursts on the show but not showing the full chain of events. My outbursts are real, but they are also driven by something which is conveniently being edited out when it comes to Keisha. Wish I had an executive producer in my pocket…I’m just saying”

And well, there we have it. did you all see the shade at Kesha for potentially having the “right” connections with an executive producer that landed her on the show? Yeah, me too.

Now, here’s my take on the entire ordeal. And, I ‘m sorry but I’m feeling a little rant coming on.

Let me first say, I like Tami but I find she can be a hypocrite when it suits her needs.

Let’s face it, although she’s addressed her anger issues she might not want to admit she’s extremely rude! When she’s upset, whomever she’s mad at will certainly feel her wrath, and as a grown woman, it’s not always warranted.

I completely understand Tami’s view on friendships and being real (it’s one of the reasons we love her), but honestl, she lacks tact and is confrontational. If anyone wants to write a letter to Tami I think they should note that. Dear Tami, you’re extremely abrasive. And because of that, many of us watching (even with edited scenes) can understand just why Kesha didn’t want to confront you.

Still love you Tami just work on that….


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  • Shanell

    Tami you need to shut up with your lying ass…. you are a straight -up BULLY where im from you will get your ass fucked up boo boo….. im just saying in my Tami voice

  • kQren

    tisk, tisk, tisk..you want all this respect that you are not willing to give! What Keisha should’ve done, was to tell you any and everything she ever thought about your ignorant, no shape, ghetto having, trying to be a bully, nappy bald-headed butt self, what she felt from day 1! Kenya reached out to you, moron, and you and your ugly cousin tried to crack her face! Suzi is so real (pleaze) cuz she’s scared of you! Royce was and has always been a friend to you and now you have the nerve to be upset w/her for being real w/you…the world is damned if they do…damned if they don’t w/your bi-polar self! Jennifer owes you nothing cuz you are so up Evelyn’s butt, it aint funny, and you aint tried to get them back together, cuz you trying to fill the space that Jen left! You are corney and even your daughter’s know you need help…that’s why they don’t like you being around cuz you are an embarassment…get a dictionary and learn how to talk w-out cussing all the time cuz you sound real stupid! YOU ARE A DISGRACE!