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[Video Premiere] Usher: “Climax”


Usher has released the official video for new single “Climax”. The visual is actually pretty intense. It opens up with him sitting in his car outside an ex-lovers house, he seems disconnected and lost because they are no longer together, and, then imagines bursting throw the home grabbing her and begin making love before her new lover gets home. He’s then brought back to reality, still disconnected and later imagines running away with her. At the end he’s seen driving off, not quite sure if he’s been imagining the whole thing or reliving what actually happened in the past, before he and his lover’s courtship reached it’s climax. Nicely done.


It seems the visual is being snatched down by VeVo under some new privacy/user terms. Here’s another alternative.

The record will appear on the singer’s seventh studio album, not yet titled.

On the word “Climax”, Usher recently tweeted a few quotes giving us a few ideas of what he considers to be the ultimate climax.

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