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5 Tips To Boost Your Energy


Unless you’re a get up an go kind of personality, it’s a drag to wake up in the morning without hitting the snooze button. Waking up is a drag, and knowing it’s because you’ve got to head out to work to earn a living is an even bigger drag! Well, I’m with you. Here are some tips I’ve learned in boosting my energy on a daily basis, they may work for you as well.

1. Working out: Okay I know you’ve heard this before, and, it just sounds like more work, and in a way it is, but it doesn’t have to be a super strenuous workout. Each morning or even at night before going to bed, start off by stretching, get your blood circulating, then try do a few squats (5 sets of 8-10 perhaps). Not a lot at all! Then a few crunches (another 5 sets of 10). Then maybe a few legs raises, arm extensions, you’ll want to stretch again, and you’re done. This is pretty light weight. You’ll notice throughout the morning you’ll feel refreshed and may even sleep better at night. Not only are you getting more energized, you’re getting a workout in. As time progresses you’ll want to do more and even begin to see results. But, most importantly, be consistent.

2. Eat!: I know, what you’re thinking. But, yes eat! But eat the right foods, of course. You’re allowed three snacks a day between each meal. This includes, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here’s a tip, eat small portions. Just enough to make you satisfied but not totally full. Your stomach shouldn’t bulge over your pants. This is a clear sign you’ve overeaten. Eating frequently also speeds up your metabolism but won’t require excess energy to burn it off as well. Snacks include an apple, a banana with yogurt (cottage cheese as a substitute), celery and peanut butter or even chips (baked).

3. Do not eat processed carbohydrates or foods high in artificial sugars: Processed carbs (all the white stuff), bread, pizza, pasta, baked sweats, all weighs your body down. After eating these types of food you may initially feel energized but your body will eventually crash and burn, needing you to refuel (which leads to overeating). Same ending result with foods high in sugar (cakes, pies, candy, chocolate candy bars). These types of foods whet your appetite never leaving you satisfied and also keep you running back for me. Unless you’ve got great will power and restraint, don’t start eating something you won’t be able to stop craving. You’ll regret it later. Almost always. And again, you’ll get an initial burst of energy only to crash and burn out later resulting in excess eating.

4. You need at least 6 hrs of sleep: Although, 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended, contrary to popular belief, more sleep makes you even sleepier. Think about it. You’ve just slept in late and still aren’t able to get your day started. You’re sluggish and moving at a slow pace. Your brain is still in sleep mode because you’ve taken so long to get up and go, it won’t go. Don’t over sleep. Not only will you still feel tired, you’ll regret not being productive and putting things off you needed done days before.

5. LAUGH!: Believe it or not this helps. Even if it means laughing at yourself. When you’re happy you feel rejuvenated and want to do more. Ever wonder why depressed people are always tired and in bed? Feeling down sucks the life right out of you. Happy people make others happy which in turn makes them even happier. Happy people, simply, have more fun. Have you laughed today?


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