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Lil Wayne’s New Girlfriend Rocks A Huge Engagement Ring…….Please Say Something Nice…


We love Lil’ Wayne the artist, but Lil Wayne the man (not that we know him personally) has some question marks.

In his latest conquest to “screw” every girl in the world, he was spotted court side, during the Lakers vs. Heat game over the weekend, with his new boo thang, girlfriend and now rumored fiance Dhea. Cute, isn’t she?

Although recent rumors are suggesting the couple, of less than a year, is engaged, Lil Tunechi shut those rumors down almost immediately. Now, rumors have been re-ignited after Dhea was spotted wearing a very visible canary diamond ring on her left ring finger.

Exhibit A:

Even if these two make it down the aisle (or she gets knocked up, whichever comes first) here’s why we have doubts.

Remember back in 2009 when spermanator impregnated three women around the same time? Two of which were singer Nivea (The Dream’s ex-wife and mother of two of his kids) and actress Lauren London (boy, did her stock drop after that mess). He’s been married before to childhood sweetheart turn reality star Toya Carter (now Toya Wright) and that pretty much ended because he’s always been a whore. Although they’re all now a very happy blended family and London even revealed that her and Dwayne (as she calls him) were in a committed relationship in which they were also engaged (*coughs*), the entire story just seemed…I’m trying to be nice here….well, kind of disgusting.

A number of hit singles, albums and women later, we have Dhea. I just hope she knows what she’s getting herself into. Or, she just might and don’t care. One thing the women have all stated (at one point or another) is that he’s a great father. I guess having a lot of practice helps, doesn’t it?

Well, good luck with that…..I’ll keep you all posted.


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