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5 Signs You’re A Bug-A-Boo


In case you’re wondering, a bug-a-boo as noted in Destiny’s Child‘s 1999 single is someone (in this case a man) who is annoying, bothersome. Someone who doesn’t get the picture when they’re trying to be ditched or dismissed. Perhaps someone you’ve dated, or even an admirer.

With that said, fellas take notes. Here are 5 signs you could be someone’s bug-a-boo.

1) You’re in the club and precedes to dance with a beautiful young lady. Initially she’s reluctant but dances anyway. You keep hold of her for dance number 2 and then 3, and then 4. You stir up a conversation and then try to lead her over to the bar for a drink, meanwhile she’s continuously look over her shoulders to see where her friends are standing…..do I really need to let you know you’re holding this girl hostage?! You’re a bug-a-boo!

2) You’ve had your first date with a particular young lady you’ve admired for some time. It’s been three days. You call and no answer, you call again, still no answer, you call back later that night, straight to voicemail. You call the next day, and she says she’s been busy. You call back a day later….and low and behold no answer again. You think, maybe she’s busy again. Please STOP lying to yourself, she’s not interested! You’re a bug-a-boo!

3) You happen to be standing outside your local grocery store (SCRUB!) and you see a beautiful young woman walking towards you. Although she’s initially smiling and waving to a friend she then looks angry (you obviously just missed that hint) and you say hi. She ignores you but you say “Hi” again, even louder. She answers a phone that didn’t seem to have been ringing a moment ago as she walks into the store. You wait “patiently”. She’s approaching the door…..and there’s you again, “Hi”. In case you’ve missed something, she doesn’t want to talk! She looked mad for a reason! The same reason she ignored your ass. You’re a bug-a-boo!

4) You work in the marketing department of XYZ company, and as a marketing specialist you think part of your job description is to be a social butterfly; not only to potential clients but to your co-workers as well. Your beautiful co-worker friend “Jenny” sits right across from you and you’ve been trying to work up the nerve to ask her out on a date for months. Each time you approach, she looks up, annoyed, but you think perhaps she’s had a rough day or maybe she’s stressed, but you’re just the right guy to cheer her up. You’ve also noticed, each time you mention having lunch or ask what she’s doing for her weekend, she mentions her boyfriend, the same boyfriend you thought she’d broken up with 3 months ago….you’re confused. Might I add, you may have also noticed, whenever she’s walking down the aisle and see you coming, she just happen to suddenly need to go the other way? Hmmm…..Jenny doesn’t like you. Perhaps Jenny never did and never will. And she may very well have broken up with her boyfriend and is currently single. Look buddy, you’re not on Jenny’s favorite people list. You’re a bug-a-boo!

4) You’re having lunch with your best friend. His girlfriend shows up with her best friend and you think this is a great opportunity to get to know her friend a little better, the same friend you’ve been pining after for as long as they’ve been together. She gives a polite “hi” and sits down. Everyone’s chillin’, kicking the breeze on this beautiful sunny afternoon and every 2 minutes you create a diversion so you can talk to the friend again. Each time you do this she brings the other two into the conversation. You all laugh, continue eating and 30 minutes later it’s time to leave. You’re all splitting up now, and the friend is going her own way, you offer to walk her but didn’t wait long enough to hear her answer of “no, that’s fine. I don’t live that far anyway.” After you arrive at her apartment building, she thanks you and begins to say bye but you interrupt to ask for her number. She pauses…… do I really need to break it down for you here? You’re a certified bug-a-boo!

5) You and your ex recently broke up but you’re still Facebook friends. You’re seeing all her latest status updates and she’s been having lots of fun without you. In the last week she’s been partying with friends and mingling with potential new beaus. You write on her wall, “Hey, how have you been?”, you send her a message, text, call to no avail and she’s having one hell of a good time while your miserable. You precede to drive by her house just to see if her car is in the driveway or if the lights are on in her bedroom window….nothing. You “accidentally” run into her at the nearby movie theater, and you just happen to be in the neighborhood near her job and want to have lunch. You then decide you’re so lost without her and want her back. You send her flowers. Write love letters and even run into her little sister who you pour your heart out to. You even start to send her gifts and is disheartened when she tells you she’s moving on and is not interested in pursuing a relationship with you. Hmmm…. how can I say this…..you’re a STALKER! Geez get a life!


About Author

  • Dee Rene

    You know you are dealing with a bug a boo when every time they call you roll your eyes and sigh.

    Some people just don’t take hints well. Even bright flashing lights with glitter. smh

  • Yes! Ain’t that the truth. Some men (and women) just don’t get it. Even when they obvious is staring them right in the face.