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Chris Brown Fortune Album Gets Release Date, Plus Album Artwork


Chris Brown‘s fifth studio album, Fortune, has garnered an official release date. The album is set for a May 8th release. The above photo is also the official artwork and cover for the anticipated album

The singer even took to twitter himself to share the news. He wrote,

“FORTUNE! May 8th!!!!! I hope this album shows growth and positivity to all my fans and will inspire them to live life to the fullest!!! #FORTUNE. The reason for may 8th is so you ( the fans) can have more music to make ur decision on if u want #FORTUNE”

I’m loving Mr. Brown in a suit. He’s looking quite dapper. Despite his legal (and anger) issues I strongly believe he’s a super talented artist. I can’t wait to here what this album may sound like, perhaps, his best one yet even. You may pre-order your a copy HERE!

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