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Coupled Up: Fabolous and Emily B


Fabulous and Emily B were spotted at the Think Like a Man special celebrity screening during All Star Weekend.

After Emily’s publicized ‘separation’ from Fab on this season’s Love and Hip Hop reality series, audiences were left to wonder if she would REALLY leave the rap star. The season wasn’t even complete before we saw Emily talk about going on dates with Fab again. There seemed to be a definite spark between the two since the last show aired.

Did her tactic work? Emily left Fab because he allegedly would not make their relationship public and wouldn’t commit to being monogamous. She struck out on her own by moving out and attempting to establish her own career. However, no sooner had she unpacked the last box than she was right back with Fab.

Women are fans of ultimatums. Although we love our men, we seem to find ourselves with no other choice but to tell him ‘give me what I deserve or I’m leaving.’ Sometimes this blows up in our face and we find that the man we love is willing to let us walk away to maintain the status quo. Other times we find that he gets it together and does what we desire. You think you’ve left this type of mind games in high school but they are alive and well in our adult relationships.

How do we get here? It’s my personal belief that women are so busy playing it cool that we often play ourselves. We don’t want to rock the boat and assert for what we want and need. We let our desire to have a good man lead us to the land of complacency. That is, of course, until we can’t take it anymore. Now he’s confused because you seemed to be “ok” with everything and you can’t understand why he IS “ok” with everything.

Now the line gets drawn in the sand and you bet your whole relationship on one ultimatum. Although it seems to have worked out for Emily and Fab, be careful because it often does not. Be honest and upfront with your long-term dreams and desires. This is one game of Russian roulette that you never want to play.

(Photo: JoiPearson.com)


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