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Trey Songz Defends Chris Brown During Interview


During a recent interview with WiLD 94.9 in Cali, Trey Songz sat down to discuss some recent rumors, from love and relationships, preparing for a show and even whether he’d watch an Adele sex tape among other things.

Things got a little intense, however, when host, Selena, made a joke about a Chris Brown pick up line Trey didn’t find very funny. Fast forward to the 4:10 mark.

Selena may need to work on her interviewing skills a bit but I think most of us can agree, we’re a little sick of the Chris Brown jokes as well. Trey Songz and is currently on his ‘Anticipation 2our’ with special guest Big Sean. For morz.come details head over to TreySongz.com

Spotted: Miss Jia


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  • Reigna

    She is an embarrasment to women from Cali. The Chris Brown joke was dumb and so was all the sex talk! They need to fire her!

  • DreamGurl

    Who hired this chick? She is super wack! She is horrible. Good for Trey for shuttin her dumb azz down! Yuuup!

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  • lol trey should have punched her in da face!pig face bitch! lol, sounds lik a fucking idiot when she laughs.