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Diddy Set To Launch New Network


Sean “Diddy” Combs has created a network to bring music back to television.

For the generation that grew up with the original MTV Jams, Yo MTV Raps, Planet Groove and 106 and park hosted by AJ and Free, we miss music on television.  There was a time when you didn’t have to Youtube the latest hit. You could actually turn on the television and within one program likely see the artist, an interview and the video premier.

Comcast, who took over NBC Universal, agreed to bring 10 new networks to it’s programming. Those networks are primarily owned and operated by minorities according to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Diddy’s network, REVOLT, targets a younger audience. According to an article released by BET, “The Grammy-winning rapper said that it is “the first channel created entirely from the ground up in this new era of social media.”

We won’t have a chance to watch REVOLT until 2013 but it may be the last hope for bringing music back to television. Diddy hasn’t yet released any of the programming ideas for the network. Given the success of his reality show, Making the Band, it’s clear Diddy knows how to draw an audience. On the show, he did make his band members walk miles to get him Junior’s cheesecake after a disappointing performance. For the sake of his staff, let’s hope his network is a smashing success.


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