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Chris Brown’s Girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, Sends A Message To All Her Haters


With all the all the media coverage and speculation that Chris Brown and Rihanna have not only reunited musically but have rekindled a romance, everyone’s wondering how his girlfriend, aspiring model/stylist Karrueche Tran is handling all of this.

Although several media outlets have reported that Tran is fully aware that Brown and Rihanna are messing around or even that she has agreed to an open relationship and isn’t fazed by all the reports, some people seem to think (as do I) that any women would be furious to hear her man declare on a record that he still wants to f*ck his ex and has been missing her body for a long time.

Well, she’s broken her silence, hmmm… kinda. Here’s what she tweeted last night.

With the daily tweets sent from Chris’ fans (#TeamBreezy) and the hateful responses that were sure to come, she shortly followed up with….

And there you have it folks. Unless she’s a waiting for the right time or the right payout to talk about her romance with Chris and their Rihanna love triangle, looks like she won’t be talking.

Although we’re all dying to hear how she’s actually feeling and handling all this I also think she’s playing this one smart.

Rihanna and Chris Brown may need to take notes and stay off twitter spewing disdain for everyone shelling out advice about the existence or non-existence of their relationship. It’s actually making things worst if you ask me. But like I said, celebrities are people first, celebrities second, and some just aren’t that smart. Good luck with that.


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