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‘Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman, Talks Fashion and Purse Must Haves


The fourth season of ‘Basketball Wives’ is set to premiere on Monday, February 20, and all week leading up to the show, VH1 has held recent conversations with a few members of the cast. They go behind the camera to discuss some of their own personality style, fashion must haves among other things. Fan favorite, Tami Roman sits down to talk just that.

Let’s talk style, do you have any go-to lines that you love?
I’m not a “brand” type of chick. It could be Missoni, it could be Yves St. Laurent, it could be Forever 21, I don’t care, as long as it looks good on me.

What kinds of places do you shop?
I’m all over the place. I like vintage, so I go to a lot of thrift stores. In L.A. we’ve got Jet Rag, Wasteland, consignment boutiques, I love Arden B., I’m a big fan of H and M, and outside of that, department stores.

Are you loyal to any one brand of shoes?
I’m really not! If it’s a cute shoe…But I will say, I love Tory Burch. Her ballet flats are a gift from God as far as I’m concerned. If I had to say I had an allegiance, it would be to that. I only wear heels on the show. I’m usually like, Adidas. Or flip flops. That’s me.

How do you like to dress for the show?
Out of everybody on the show, I’m the curvy girl. I joke that I’m the Khloe Kardashian of the cast. WHO I LOVE. Like, Khloe is my style icon, if I’m being honest about it, I love the way she dresses and the way she looks in her clothes.

How’s your Curls By Roman hair line going, and how did you get involved with that?
Excellent! I’ve always worn a weave, and I wanted to associate myself with something, I mean, we all wear lip gloss but Jen already had that, so I tried to find something that was organic to me, and I met with some companies and found one that I really liked. With hair it’s all about the quality, and this is top quality.

Will we see your business life onscreen this season?
We’re trying to incorporate it more. I’m doing a red carpet launch for the hair line and we’re being picked up by beauty salons and stores now, so people will be able to go in to buy their local beauty supplies and can buy our hair. Right now it’s only online. So we’re doing a launch, plus I started another company where I represent a lot of makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, it’s basically an image firm, and I think a lot of talent isn’t represented, so we’ll kind of handle the talent behind the talent. And my oldest daughter an I have an advice column in Sister 2 Sister magazine, we’re excited about that too. We weren’t sure people would really send us questions for that, but right now our mailbox is like…we’ve had like 2000 emails and we just started this. And we can only pick two per publication! So we go through the emails and I pick a question that speaks to me and she’ll pick a question that speaks to her and we give advice based on our life experience.

You hosted the “Overtime” special when Basketball Wives L.A. was on, how was it going from cast member to host of that aftershow?
I did the Real World and then spent twelve years trying to not associate with any form of reality TV whatsoever, but then Basketball Wives was presented and I’m back on reality TV. But I’ve always wanted to have my own talk show or a reality show that focused only on me, not the drama of the ensemble, just to show people what I’m about. There’s two things I’ve always wanted: My book and my own talk show. So I’m one step closer.

For more on Tami and what else she has going on in her life head over to VH1’s blog. Catch the first episode of ‘Basketball Wives’ Monday night at 8pm.


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