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Vanessa & Kobe Bryant Reunite for Valentine’s Day


Vanessa and Kobe Bryant is working on a reconciliation. That’s so according to TMZ. The proof? The couple were spotted kissing after a Lakers game on Valentine’s Day. Following the Lakers win against the Atlanta Hawks, the two shared a kiss in the tunnel on the way into the locker room.

Vanessa filed for divorce back in December, citing irreconcilable differences, and is set to receive half of the 150 million dollar of Kobe Bryant’s net worth. They have already settled on the a property deal rewarding Vanessa with 3 of Bryant’s 4 mansions.

Vanessa took a stand and began divorce proceedings after discovering Kobe had been unfaithful. But with their recent public display of affection, where does this leave both Kobe and Vanessa?

Although the couple, now separated, have submitted all the necessary paper work to continue with their divorce, sources are now saying don’t be surprised if she goes back to him. Their divorce doesn’t become final until mid-June, giving them enough time to withdraw the papers.

Meanwhile, however, Kobe and Vanessa are still living separately.

No offense to Vanessa or any woman whose reunited with a cheating ex ( because I’ve done it) but when you’ve been cheated on , not once, not twice, but multiple of times by the same person, getting back together is almost as good as saying “cheat again and I’ll forgive you” why, because you’ve done just that.

Good luck Vanessa. Good luck with that.

Should Kobe and Vanessa reconcile, what are some of your thoughts?

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