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Jennifer Holliday Says Whitney Houston’s Drug Use Began Before Bobby Brown


Jennifer Holliday confirms what many have speculated for some time. The singer admits to CNN’s Piers Morgan that Whitney Houston‘s drug use began before meeting and marrying R&B bad boy Bobby Brown. She says they were all exposed to drugs and were around it during their early careers.

Although toxicology report won’t be ready for the next 4 to 8 weeks, it’s been assumed Houston passed from a toxic mixture of prescription pills and alcohol.

Although I think it’s important for to know this and it is wrong for the media to blame Bobby Brown for Whitney’s death I also think Jennifer Holliday’s confession came at a bad time. We hope and pray that Whitney can finally rest in peace without the circus of what her death is becoming. This is too sad.


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  • Dee Bolden

    I dont think the truth is sad..this is only confirmation and clarity..it’s sad that a supposed christian family, as Whitney’s mother’s side is suppose to be, is getting delight in trying to blame Bobby Brown for this tragedy. If they know the Lord like they say, they are fully aware of what the word says about death..life is uncertain, but death is sure! Bobby & Whitney were divorced 5 years, Bobby got clean, Whitney didn’t..what more proof do you need?? To fault a man for the life your child chose to live, and to keep his child away from him is 110% demonic!! They will reap what they sow for sure! I do believe what Jennifer has said, she has no reason to lie..It’s like Whitney’s family is wanting Bobby to die, and that’s a very bad depiction of Jesus and what true christianity is smh!! Lord cover Bobby Brown & I pray that Bobbi Kristina ends up with her dad because Whitney’s family is trying to brain wash her about her father..I know she saw enough of her own, she doesnt need them turning her against her dad…she needs her dad now dont they get that!!! It’s just wrong how they have done this, very ugly and distasteful ugh!!