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‘Baseketball Wives: Miami’ Season 4 Extended Trailer


In the new sneek peak for VH1’s hit reality show, ‘Basketball Wives: Miami’ season 4, former BFF’s Evelyn and Jennifer‘s feud reaches an all time high during a group dinner bringing all the ladies together. Although the premiere have yet to air, they’re already at each others throats. But, it’s still unclear just what happened with these two to cause the rift. My guess, jealousy and envy.

Surprisingly Tami seems to have calm down a bit, staying out of Ev and Jen’s dispute but she sure didn’t pass up the opportunity to intimidate the new girl.

Two newcomers Kesha Nichols and Kenya Bell join the ladies and all their shenanigans but only time will tell to reveal what roles, if any, they’ll play in all the drama.

And, it seems, Royce and Suzi will be on the sidelines doing all the observing instead of being Evelyn and Jen’s punching bags.

Watch below to see the altercation go down.

Season 4 begins Monday, February 20th, at 8pm.

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