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7 Reasons To Butt Out of Your Friends’ Relationships


Face it, most of us have, at least, one friend who always seems to be in need of relationship advice. Some move too fast, changing relationships as often as the weather, and some are still sticking it out with the same loser they’ve dated for years.
Some how, you’ve become their go to therapist and they want you to help fix their current romantic woes. And, like always, you’re there waiting in the wind to be healer of all things. But not so fast. Here are 7 reasons you may need to step the breaks on dishing out romantic advise.

  1. No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors. There are two sides to every and then there’s the truth! No two people will tell a story exactly the same way. If they want to stay together, they’ll have to learn to communicate with each other. Talk to each other instead of at each other.
  2. You risk your friendship going down the drain. Your friend may begin to suspect you’re jealous and want what they have. Especially if you’re the single friend. Be weary, especially where your advise is not warranted.
  3. No matter what it’s really up to them to walk away. No matter the damage and unhealthiness of the relationship, its really up to the two people involved to walk away. They have to decide if the relationship is worth salvaging. And if not, they have to get to a point where they’re done trying. You cannot and will not decide that for them so don’t waste your time or your energy.
  4. Sometimes couples have their ups and their downs. They weather the storm and in the end, this too shall pass. It’s true couples go through hard times in a relationship; the good, the bad and the ugly. Again, if they decide to stay let them work it out.
  5. When they make up, you become the enemy. Nothing’s worst than having a friend turn on you when you’ve had their best interest at heart. Even more devastating, they asked for your advise in the first place and then decided not to follow it. Now she/he and their mate are love struck again and you become the meddling outsider. They’ve turned on you! Movie dates cancelled, your phone calls aren’t returned and you’re left feeling duped. It’s called “fools fall in love” for a reason. Let them play their own foolish games. Do yourself a favor and stay out of it. They’ll eventually learn. And if not, just be their to show support but not to instigate.
  6. If your love life isn’t all together it’s best to keep your mouth shut. No one likes to be preached to. Especially when the person preaching don’t have their own lives together and can’t take their own advice. Better take a closer look in the mirror before you dish it out.
  7. It’s really none of your business anyway! No one asked you. And even if they did, thread lightly. People want to make their own decisions without feeling judged and ridiculed. Support them emotionally, if need be, but ultimately they need to see the light on their own. Your words will just fall on deaf ears. All you can really do in the end is wish them well.

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