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[New Music] Brandy And Monica: “It All Belongs To Me”


Brandy and Monica have recorded a new duet, “It All Belongs To Me”.  For all of us who remember singing “The Boy Is Mine” into a hair brush and performing with our best friend this is long overdue.

The track, produced by Rico Love, takes the two singers in an entirely different direction than their first recording. Brandy and Monica are not competing on this track.

Brandy opens the song with her deep soulful vocals and a maturity in her voice that wasn’t heard when the two first stepped in the studio years ago. Monica leads us through the second verse and brings her usual power. Although the track is not as lyrically deep as we’ve heard from both Monica and Brandy in the past, it does highlight their superb vocal abilities with a tune that gets stuck in your head.  The chorus may have you waving your hands in the air if you’ve ever ended a negative relationship where you were supporting your man…

I know you mad

Can’t take no more

But put that back

That ain’t yours

Have a fit

Slam the door

but leave them bags

on the floor

That sh*t belongs to me…

Perhaps we are not too old to break out that hairbrush again to sing along…for old time’s sake.

Link: “It All Belongs To Me”

Or listen below:


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