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Single, Attached? Here Are Some Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day can become very routine or expensive whether you are romantically involved or not. You can still find ways to enjoy the day for Free.99 or to shake it up a bit and do something new. Take a look at the ideas below for cost effective and unconventional ways to celebrate this special day.

If you are single

  1. Visit a Nursing Home: If you’ve ever visited your grandparent in a nursing home, you know that there are so many men and women there who haven’t had a visitor since Christmas. You can only imagine living your last days with no sense of love or joy. Bring another friend or two and buy a couple packs of cards and go visit the nursing home. Not only will you have done something to bring joy to someone else, you’ll build a special bond with the friend’s you love.
  2. Talent Show: Nothing keeps your mind off your marital status like trying to out sing your friends at Karaoke. Whether you decide to kick it old school and have a talent show in someone’s living room, or venture out ot the local bar, it’s a great way to bond. Just be sure to bring the cameras and video recorders. You will want to keep these memories for years to come.
  3. Speed Dating: Although you think couples will be roaming free that evening and you may be out of place, there are plenty of single’s events around town as well. It’s not as lonely as it sounds to go to a speed dating event on Valentine’s Day. You will likely walk away with a few hilarious stories to tell. You never know if you’ll meet someone and isn’t that a great story to tell that you met on Valentine’s Day.
  4. Theme Party: Do you love the roaring 20s? Do you have the urge to dress up as a hula girl? Costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Bring that fun to Valentine’s Day and have a theme party. Everyone loves a good 90s party. Bring your stone washed jeans, plaid and even a game of Uno. Although this can be a great time, I’d stay away from the ‘broken hearts’ theme. We want to make sure this party doesn’t end in tears.
  5. Spa Day: Groupon and Living Social (online deal sites) always have great deals. Check out these sites for spa services. Grab a few girlfriends and treat yourselves well. Love begins with self-love and nothing says self-love like a great manicure and massage.

If you have are not single

  1. Strip-Wii Party: Maybe you want to do something sexy but have fun at the same time. Find your favorite Wii game (or Kinect) and place your bets on the table. Every time you lose, you also lose an article of clothing. It’s a quick way to end up laughing right into the bedroom.
  2. Memory Land Picnic: I’m sure you read that and then looked at the snow drifts outside. Even if the weather doesn’t permit, clean up the house and lay the blanket out in the living room. Print out pictures of your favorite places or memories and put them around your picnic space. Surround yourself with your love and reminisce on how far you’ve come.
  3. Cooking Party: Not everyone is great in the kitchen. Decide who has the best skills in your group of couples. Join up at the resident chef’s house and learn how to make a favorite recipe. You can also make it a dessert party and each guest can leave with a tasty, self-decorated, treat to take home.
  4. In-Town Vacation: Instead of spending flight and gas money, take time to find a great get-a-way right in your own city. Dress up and explore a part of town you never visit. Love is about adventure and you don’t have to travel far to find one. A great start is to Google ‘best places to eat’ or ‘best places to visit’ in your local city. You’ll likely find a list of attractions. Pick one with your boo that you’ve never experienced. Then end the night at a nice hotel or bed-n-breakfast in town.
  5. Intellectual Foreplay : Now before you go getting excited, it’s a book. Intellectual Foreplay: A Book of Questions for Lovers and Lovers-to-Be by Hogan and Hogan, is a questions game in book form. You and your love can reach a new level of mental and emotional intimacy simply by flipping the pages. Order your favorite take-out and reach a depth in conversation you didn’t think was possible.



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