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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Chrissy vs. Yandy [Part II]


Chrissy and Yandy are at it again, and this time, it’s during the reunion special where none of the ladies can actually sit down together in the same room. Like I’ve mentioned before, the special have been filmed separately because tension is high and many of the ladies of the show refuse to be in the same room together. Following the big blow out between models Kimberlla and Erica Mena the producers ban and glasses from being on set. Now, although months have passed and they haven’t seen one another Chrissy and Yandy are throwing shots at each other again.

Check out the below clip where Yandy addresses the “real problem” between Chrissy, Jimmy and herself and Chrissy talks how she feels Yandy stepped out of line and that she’s actually paved a way from Yandy to be relevant on the show. She even goes as far as saying “Bow down b*tch”. Wow! Can’t wait to see how this all pulls together.

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The reunion special (Part 1) airs Monday, February 6th, 8pm ET/PT.

By the way, VH1 has confirmed a spin off show ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’. No official date as to when the show will make its debut.

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