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Drake Sued Over “Marvin’s Room”


No song in 2011 glorified the ‘drunk dial’ like Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.” Now it seems that drunk dial is going to cost Drake a lot more than hurt feelings.

The mysterious woman who asks the famous “Are you drunk right now?” line at the beginning of the song is in fact Erica Lee, Drake’s ex-girlfriend. She’s now suing the super star for use of her voice on the song. During their romantic and business relationship last year, Eric contributed ideas and her voice to the song with the idea that she would receive credit and payment for its creation.

According to Billboard, “Last year, Drake allegedly agreed to work with Lee on “Marvin’s Room” and split the proceeds. Lee says she was asked to record the song’s “hook” as well as the opening monologue that would serve as the thematic framework for a song about Drake’s yearning for an ex-girlfriend and how his fame interfered with his love life. “Plaintiff’s contribution is highly significant to the overall work,” says the complaint.”

Lee is requesting a judge demand that she be listed as a co-writer for the song and has significant message, including text messages, in which Drake acknowledges her significant contribution to the song.

Drake has reportedly offered Lee up to 50,000 dollars plus royalties if she drops the lawsuit but she is not budging. In the article, it states Lee is “also seeking damages and disgorgement of profits on allegations of breach of fiduciary duties and unjust enrichment.”

The story is getting messy – fast. It’s rumored that Drake is now threatening Lee to drop the lawsuit.

We’ll keep you posted as the story develops…

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