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[New Music] R. Kelly: “Share My Love”


R. Kelly is back with new single “Share My Love”. He’s anticipated to drop his 11th studio album, ‘Write Me Back’, some time this Spring. The single is reminiscent of that of his last album, ‘Love Letter’. Check it out.

R&B music at its finest. R. Kelly is perhaps the best artist at writing genuine “make you feel good” love songs and I’m glad he’s coming out with another album. He’s talented. Gotta give him that.

Kelly is said to also be working on a second album he may also drop this year titled, ‘Black Panties’. While ‘Write Me Back’ shares his loving and romantic side ‘Black Panties’ may take us back to his “Bump N’ Grind” days. Either one, I’m we’ll all love it. Bring on the music Kelly!


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