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Rihanna Loves Her Christian Louboutin Tape Measure & Spike Detail Strap Heels


Rihanna was spotted leaving dinner at Dines Giorgio Baldi restaurant in LA, Thursday night, looking quite fashionable wearing a pair of tape measure Louboutins. Just one day later, she attended the The Michael Jackson Immortal Cirque Du Soleil World Tour, looking quite fashionable, I might add. This time, Rihanna paid homage to the late singer by wearing a Claire Barrow Painted Leather Jacket, black leather pants and a pair of Christian Louboutin spike detail strap heels.

But, just how much would they cost you?

These tape measure Christian Louboutin heels Rihanna wore heels while dining out in LA will cost you about $795.

    Christian Louboutin Tape Measure Sandal
    Christian Louboutin

While this Claire Barrow’s jacket may run you close to a $1000 these spike detail heels will cost you a pretty penny at $1,495.

    Rihanna’s Christian Louboutin spike detail strap heels
    Christian Louboutin


(Photos: Rihanna Daily)


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