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Rihanna Channels Tupac With “Thug Life” Tattoo


Rihanna is channeling Tupac with her latest “Thug Life” tattoo.

Rihanna revealed the famous line sprawled across her knuckles in white ink. The thing about a tattoo is that it is permanent. Will Rihanna really want thug life on her knuckles at 57? I understand wanting to pay homage and embrace the mantra but would it have been better served on a more private portion of her body? Now she’ll drive magazine photo artist crazy as they try to Photoshop the words out of her fashion spreads.

With such a drastic measure one can only wonder was it a cry for attention. Just a few days ago Rihanna ended up at the same party as Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche. Some sites even report that she got into a heated exchange of words with Karrueche. Could the new tattoo be a way for her to let out some anger and illustrate her aggression? Whatever the case may be, I doubt this is the last drastic move we see from Rihanna. This tattoo comes only a week after she was photographed smoking kush while on vacation in Hawaii. We all know she walks to the beat of her own drum, but are we seeing a return of the black-haired much darker Rihanna? It seems she’s throwing caution to the wind – even more than usual.

Whatever happens, hopefully her next move won’t be so visible.

some our some more photos the singer took that night.


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