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Vanessa Bryant Gets Half; $75 Million, Three Mansions And Now Basketball Wives Wants Her!


Vanessa and Kobe Bryant have finally reached an agreement in their divorce settlement. According to TMZ, Vanessa will gain three mansions, and half of the athletes $150 million net worth, $75 million. Under California law, because the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement and were together for 10 years (the minimum) Vanessa is almost guaranteed half of her husband’s assets.

Back in December, Vanessa filed for divorce, many believe to be due to Kobe’s cheating ways, and released a statement asking that media outlets respect their privacy through the couple’s difficult time.

The three mansions, one occupied by her mother and the other two intended to have been Kobe’s bachelor pads, are worth an additional 18 million. I’d say Vanessa is clearly #winning!

And now, the popular celebrity site is campaigning for the newly single, Vanessa Bryant, to join the cast of VH1 hit reality show, ‘Basketball Wives’. Although it believed the network were once pining to add her to the cast, efforts were quickly shut down because of Vanessa’s marriage to the famous athlete.

Like a TMZ source puts it, “Vanessa has more than enough storyline and would bring the show to another level.”

As for VH1, for now at least, they’re no efforts to add Vanessa to the already successful franchise. According to its blog, “production has not reached out to Vanessa at this time.”

Guess, we shall see. However, I do agree, Vanessa would be a great asset to the cast. Now that would be great television!


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