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The 90 Day Rule


A man knows within the first week of meeting you what bucket you fall into.

You will either be his    wife/potential girlfriend \_/    Friend  \_/   Jumpoff \_/

Jumpoff also includes those other ambiguous terms such as “friends with benefits”, “she cool and we chilling” and “I don’t want a relationship but we can still have sex until you realize I’m not going to change my mind and leave.”

Be that as it may, women everywhere are still instituting the 90 day rule. Steve Harvey’s 90 day rule, made famous in his book Act like a Lady and Think Like a Man equates a relationship to a job. In his 2009 Essence Music Festival interview he says “You work a job 90 days before you get a benefits package…”  This rule suggests that you should wait 90 days to have sex with a man to show him you respect yourself, discover his intentions and make him value you  more.

I’ll risk being stoned and beg to differ.

How a man treats you after sex was pre-determined by your behavior before the sex. Whether you waited three minutes or three months to sleep with him, he’s already determined your bucket based on your personality and behaviors. Guess what you will still be after the orgasm if he never saw you as anything more than a jumpoff? A ‘waited until day 90’ jumpoff.

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By: Dee Rene


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