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Rihanna & Chris Brown Photo Leaked! Are They Really Spending Time Together?


Because we don’t start rumors and like to clear them up (*cough*) we just happen to be on twitter, last night, when a photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown just so happened to have made it’s way on Twitterville.  Of course, fans and foes, were in a frenzy.

Truth be told…it’s fake! In fact, it’s Photoshopped and was taken from a Chris and Rihanna fan page, appropriately titled—“Chrianna”. Looks real doesn’t it?! How cute….remember that name? You know, back when they were dating and it was cool to merge celebrity names together to create a new name, like “Brangelina” and “Bennifer”?

Fans are so obsessed with these two getting back together, that they’re willing to go to extremely lengths to make it a reality. The site is actually pretty convincing and really good, I’ll give it that. They’re even sites dedicated to telling these two love story; drawing up a fictional tale of just how they met, two young stars in the making, and how they fell in love. It’s pretty sappy, romantic even. But I sometimes think that these fans are going a bit too far, living their lives through that of their favorite celebs. Scary! Well, they do call them “STANS” for a reason.

Head over to Chriana.tumblr.com for more on “ChriannaGate”.


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