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Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Mocks Rihanna?!


I actually debated whether or not to post this video and eventually decided I would.

Now, some blog sites would have you believe that the video of Chris Brown‘s current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, is mocking his ex Rihanna but I think not. Rumors have been circulating that Chris and Rihanna are on the verge of a reunion since tweeting, what appeared to be their love for each other, back in December. Of course, this video couldn’t come at a more perfect time to add fuel to the fire. In fact, the video shows Tran with two girlfriends using an Asian accent and just being silly. No harm in that right? But what it does, however, is give us an insight to who this girl might be. From what I’m watched, a very immature young lady.

Who am I to judge right? I know. But I just couldn’t get beyond the silliness of it. So immature and a cry for attention. It doesn’t make her look good to say the least. Check it out and see for yourselves.

In her defense Karrueche tweeted this message,

Honestly, I’ll give her the benefit but what are your thoughts?!

Spotted: Tattle Tailzz


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  • Patti

    The video where Karrueche makes fun of Rihanna is from Halloween 2010 because she mentions “Only Girl in the World”, released in Sept. 2010. So, it is misleading of Karrueche to say that the video is “almost 2 years old” because it was actually made about 14 months ago. Pics of her and Chris were taken on a beach in Miami in early Dec. 2010, so it’s hard to believe that they weren’t dating by Oct. 31. My point is that if they weren’t dating, then Karrueche is just a random person ridiculing Rihanna (calling her ugly, flattening out her nose to indicate that Rihanna has a wide nose, and imitating her acccent). And Rihanna has to deal with that kind of thing all the time, so no big deal. But if Karrueche was already dating Chris, then she is targeting his ex-girlfriend and that puts a different slant on the video.

  • I see. I’ve heard this before. At this point I don’t care when the video was made. But it certainly makes her look very immature and childish. Besides, Rihanna is a very successful and beautiful pop star around the world. I think this is a little drop in the bucket when it comes to who she is and all she has accomplished. Unfortunately Kae may just be another woman on Chris’ list. Moving right along…..

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