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[Recap] ‘Love & Hip Hop 2’: Chrissy vs. Yandy


Once again, last night’s episode of Vh1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ did not disappoint! Although they had problems in the past Chrissy and Yandy‘s differences reached a boiling point when the ladies were on the verge of duking it out.

After landing in Miami the ladies decide to enjoy a night out on the town. Chrissy, Emily, Olivia and Teairra were a bit surprised when Yandy showed up to the same event with Erica and Kimbella in toe. After all, these two had just had their own brutal throw down. While Teairra and Olivia try to get the details Chrissy becomes upset that Yandy is purposely ignoring her after their recent issues. In fact, Chrissy feels Yandy has once again crossed the line with her relationship with her rapper fiance Jim Jones, mixing business with pleasure. Yandy decides she’d rather ignore her and Chrissy becomes irate. Check it out.

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After viewing the clip, do you feel Yandy has crossed the line in regards to Chrissy or is Chrissy overreacting?

My opinion, although Yandy has crossed some lines in her personal/professional relationship with Jimmy, Chrissy’s approach is (and always is) confrontational. I get the impressive, she feels she is to be respected while she does as she pleases.

As for waiting for Yandy outside the club? Really?!! You are a grown woman, act like one! I’m sorry but I’m not a fan, #TeamYandy!!


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