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Snoop Gets Arrested For Marijuana Possession


Some things never change. Snoop was arrested, again, for marijuana possession! This time, the rapper was arrested in Texas over the weekend after a police dog sniffed his tour bus, at border patrol check point in Sierra Blanca, and found marijuana.

TMZ has learned, a red prescription bottle with several joints were on the bus according to agents. The bottle contained under a half-ounce of weed.

Cops say Snoop admitted the dope belonged to him.

Although Snoop has a prescription for cannabis in California, there is a zero tolerance policy for weed in Texas. He was issued a citation for misdemeanor drug possession and released. Snoop’s been arrested several times on marijuana possession; a habit he openly flaunts, perhaps, his entire rap career.

My conclusion, where he is, Snoop is already back to smoking pot.

He can resolve the entire ordeal by pay a $537 fine.

What are your thoughts? It seems the marijuana debate isn’t going anywhere. She the government legalize the drug already?


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