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10 Celebs We’d Like To See Go Away For 2012


There’s always a list of celebrities you just wonder how they became famous in the first place?! Like, were we that desperate for someone to idolize or do we just love to hate ’em? You’re sick of ’em, I’m sick of ’em, and just about everyone need a break sometimes. Here’s my top ten picks of celebrities we won’t miss if they took a permanent vacation, for at least a year.

10. Conrad Murray– He’s not exactly a celebrity, just the man partially responsible for Michael Jackson’s death, but we’ve had just about enough of hearing about him, his pending prison stint and the appeal on the rise. Conrad just do your time and disappear, thank you!

9. Lil Kim – Kim, first of all you should be ashamed of yourself. You were once the baddest chick in the Hip- Hop game and has resulted to being Nicki Minaj’s punch lines. Hang it up!!!! Hip Hop was missing its leading female MC for at least 8 years before Nicki dominated the arena!! Just put out good music and let THAT speak for itself! Queens shouldn’t argue with peasants and you made yourself look small! BYE BYE!!!!

8. Nicki Minaj– Nicki, where do I begin. I’m not mad at yuh. You’re doing well for yourself, BUT you still look like homey the clown! The assorted wigs, alter egos, animated faces and voice changes as if you have Tourrett’s is f*cking annoying! We’re getting sick of you too, just as much as the beef you and Kim got going. Switch it up for the new year and I’ll consider taking you off this list!

7. Charlie Sheen – You’re an idiot!!! Not #Winning!!! Just when we thought you’ve overcome your long battle with drug and alcohol addiction, landed the starring role in a #1 TV show and even married two beautiful women you proved us all right!You’re a dooch bag. Hang it up!

6. J. Lo – SMDH!!! Jennifer if you keep going at your rate you would have dated everyone on the block!!! The ink haven’t dried on your divorce papers and you’ve already been linked to three men!! The young 20 something back up dancer you’ve recently snag from only God knows where is only using you! And now you’re taking this man around the globe and around your children!!! You look desperate!!!

5.Reality TV Stars (NeNe Leakes, Tamar Braxton, MOB Wives, Bad Girls Club etc.) – I guess it’s much cheaper to pay non-acting wanna be stars to conduct a show surrounding their “real lives” where they get to act a fool and actually become famous for it! We’re sick of you b*tches!

4. Cheating Husbands (Jessie James, Tiger Woods, Ashton Kutcher, Kobe Bryant, Hermain Cain) – You’re all in this category for the same reason!!! D*ck heads!! The name is fitting since that’s all you guys think with!!! Your d*ck! I honestly don’t know how any of you find time to sleep with over 100 women!! Really?! Hermain Cain you gave us hope for a bit, but of course Dick got in the way, your mistress got paid off and you were dumb enough to think the truth wouldn’t come out. And Ashton, not sure if anyone told you but, you’re not that f*cking funny!

3. Lindsay Lohan – Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay. You use to be the cute Disney kid with so much promise! Now you’ve resorted to snorting coke, drinking booze, being an occasional lesbian, and stripping for Playboy! Really? I liked you….. I even rooted for you during your public spat with goody goody Hilary Duff *tears*.

2. Kim Kardashian – Where do we begin serial dater! I think you may be smarter than you look and act or you really don’t f*cking get it! I actually use to be more sympathetic towards your cries and pleas of everyone picking on you. From the Ray J sex tape, to Reggie not putting a ring on it and now that 72 day marriage to Humphries. Like J Lo hang it up!!! You look desperate.

1. The entire Kardashian clan! That entire clan can take a year off and we won’t miss ’em. They have enough video footage from their syndicated reality shows to keep us busy for the next year. Between Kim’s fake marriage, Kourtney and Scott refusal to get married but keep popping out babies, momager, Kris Jenner, dictating everyone else’s life, Bruce being the only one with a brain, Kendall modelling and poor Kylie trying to establish her own modelling career, we’re all on overdrive! Just “Keep It At Home”, no need to film the sh*t. Thanks!!!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest I’ll go back to being my positive happy go lucky self for the New Year! Happy New Year everyone!!!! With love, Ms.Toni <3 <3 <3


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  • Lol!
    You had me me laughing hard! But best believe I agree with ya..some of those people should..like right NOW!

  • Lol! Glad you liked the article. Hey someone had to tell em! Lol