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Are Rihanna And Chris Brown Subtweeting Each Other Again?!


Chris Brown and Rihanna may be subtweeting each other again!

I’ve been saying, almost since day one, that Chris  and Rihanna still have feelings for each other. With some counseling these two should just rekindle their romance. The worst part of any break up is not having closure and I think these two never got it.

This morning Chris tweeted, “Love U more than u know!” followed by Rihanna’s own tweet a few minutes later, “I’ll always love u #1LOVE”.

While Chris and new girlfriend Karrueche (yes, I have trouble pronouncing it too) were recently spotted on vacay together in Dubai, Rihanna was busy pouring her heart out on twitter with subliminal messages.

We all may be reaching here and Chris could have been tweeting to Ka-ru-ru but hey, inquiring minds would sure like to know.

Truth be told, I actually loved these two together. But most importantly I support healthy relationships. If they’ve both grown from their violent past then I say best wishes.

(Spotted: Miss Jia)


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