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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Recap: Kimbella Vs. Erica


The ladies of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ are at it again! This time, newcomer, actress and model, Erica Mena, goes to war with the show’s underdog Kimbella.
What’s the beef? Well, Erica doesn’t respect the fellow model because of her raunchy image and thinks women like Kimbella take money away from her because models and video girls are no longer respected in the entertainment industry. I’m not quite sure when they ever were, but OK.

To say the least, Erica goes on a verbal rant which resulted in a brutal brawl between the two women.

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It’s a shame grown women act this way and that we even watch but it makes for great TV!

Why does everyone want to pick on Kim, huh? First, the fight with Chrissy and now this. SMH


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