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Etta James Terminally Ill, Court Reaches Deal On Managing Her Estate


Legendary singer Etta James, best known for her 1961 hit “At Last”, is terminally ill says Lupe De Leon, her manager of 30 years.

In a statement issued earlier in the week, Lupe went on to say, “Etta, 73, has a terminal illness. She’s in the final stages of leukemia. She has also been diagnosed with dementia and Hepatitis C. She’s in a home right now and mostly sleeps. She is under the care of a live-in doctor from Riverside Community Hospital and two others who have placed her on oxygen. Her husband is with her 24 hours a day, and her sons visit regularly. We’re all very sad. We’re just waiting.”

In a court airing days ago and preparation for the singer’s passing, a deal was reached naming her husband of 42 years, Artis Mills, as conservator of her $1-million estate.

In court documents, the singer’s son Donto James had requested appointment as temporary conservator, expressing concerns about his mother’s medical treatment and the costs of her in-home medical care.

James said that he and his brother, Sametto James, have reached an agreement with Mills that allows him to continue making financial and health decisions for his ailing wife.

The singer, who overcame a long battle with substance abuse and alcohol addiction in her earlier years, was diagnosed with leukemia in early 2011 and had been undergoing treatment. Her illness took a turn for the worse in recent weeks and her family has decided to make necessary preparations in time for her death. Previously, James had been diagnosed with dementia and required around the clock care.

Unfortunately, it was announced this morning, Dec. 22, 2011, that Ms. James had been hospitalized. We keep her and her family in our prayers.

Source: LA Times

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