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Is Chrissy Of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Out Of Control?!


Chrissy Lampkin of VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ may have  just earned herself the title of one of the most disliked reality TV personalities. Better known as rapper Jim Jones‘, other half, the say it like it is, hot tempered Lampkin pissed a few fans off when she refused to apologize to Kimbella, girlfriend of Juelz Santana, for the infamous sucker punch heard around the world. While trying to work on a better relationship with Mama Jones, Chrissy goes after Freddie, the producer who assisted Mama Jones with her Chrissy diss track and has even resorted to picking fights with Jim’s manager Yandy Smith.

Although during the show’s first season, Chrissy became a fan favorite and even gained sympathy after viewers witnessed the tumultuous relationship between herself and Jim’s mother and the long awaited proposal she still yearns for. How soon things have changed, however. This season, we’ve seen a more confrontational, angry, bitter and, even, arrogant Chrissy. Has she allowed “fame” go to her head?

While, many of us disprove of the manner Kimbella disclosed her affair with Emily’s ex, rapper Fabolous, I think, we can also agree, it wasn’t Chrissy’s place to take matters into her own hands? A topic, that’s still heavily debated week’s into the show.

But many are still wondering, what exactly does Chrissy do? Besides handing out criticism and the occasional ass whopping, what is her job description? It seems, all Chrissy has become known for is fighting with her fellow cast mates.

On this week’s episode, while Olivia risk losing her manager and Emily adjust to her new found freedom, Kimbella tries to patch things up with Emily, but still believes Chrissy owes her an apology; an apology Chrissy insists she won’t give, Chrissy confronts Freddie and has a sit down with Yandy, whose managerial skills are put under questioning. This time, it is Yandy who feels she’s owed an apology, and once again Chrissy refuses.

Here’s a recap.

Chrissy vs. Kimbella – “No Apologies”

Chrissy Faces Freddie

Chrissy vs. Yandy

What are your thoughts, has Chrissy become the mean girl?


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