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Keyshia Cole’s Mama Frankie Wants To Do A Show With Jim Jones’ Mama Jones!


Now, why I am not surprised! This is actually a show many people would want to watch and have been suggesting for a while now.

Unless you’ve kept up with the lives of these two reality star Mamas then you may not know that they are TRAGICALLY entertaining! Although we laugh at their antics it’s a tragedy to call them mom.

Here’s what Mama Frankie had to say….

ThatFrankie Leg” dance needs to go away and very quickly!

Not sure what Lil Scrappy’s mama was in the news for but the show idea is very interesting. We’ll keep you posted.

(Courtesy of Futuristic Blogger via Hip Hop News 24-7)

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  • reita collins

    Now that’s the s**t I wanna’ see! Those two faces spell HIT!! Hey,and while they’re mullin’…where in hell is Ms. Patterson? New York’s mama? That would be a show.Say they’re sharing this house and Jenifer Lewis (errybody’s mama) is the landlord,mediator what ever. But they have to stay there for 1 month. Together.In one big room.Together. (LOL)

  • Yes! That is one reality show I’d pay money to watch. Those ladies are a mess but entertaining to say the least.

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