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5 Fashion Trends To Leave Behind In The New Year!

5 Fashion Trends To Leave Behind In The New Year
  1. Leopard Print is out for for the new year! A trend that never really goes ago and we’ll  see again in the future, but for now tah tah!
  2. And say bye bye to your favorite pair of Platform Ankle Booties! Whose idea was that anyway? Hated it!
  3. Let’s not forget about Harem Pants, you know, what we affectionately call hammer pants. Just because they make ’em, doesn’t mean we must wear ’em! And ladies, some of you tend to forget, just because it’s a fashion trend doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you!
  4. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little eye lash extension, but so many women go a little over board on the Extended Lashes. They’re meant to enhance what’s already there, not grow three extra layers! Always remember, less is more!
  5. I’ll admit, I’ll have a hard time giving up this one. Bandage Dresses are so sexy! They conform to your shape while sucking in all the extra fluff you prefer to keep sucked in. Easy to dress up and dress down and very comfortable to move in. Fashion experts say its out but this is just one fashion don’t I’ll do. Lol.

Any more fashion trends you won’t mind letting go in the new year?


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