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Giuliana Rancic Announces She’ll Undergo Double Mastectomy After Breast Cancer Battle


After announcing her breast cancer diagnosis this past October on NBC’s ‘The Today Show’ E! news correspondent, Giuliana Rancic is making yet another shocking announcement. The TV personality and reality star has decided to undergo a double mastectomy.

With much deliberation and research she says, “It was not an easy decision but it was the best decision for me. Rancic chose to make the announcement, once again, on ‘The Today Show’ this morning.

She also went on to say, “The overwhelming outpouring of love, prayers and support really helped me heal faster,” after announcing her breast cancer diagnosis six weeks ago. “I want to make sure to thank everyone and give them an update for being so kind and loving and supportive.”

As for husband Bill Rancic, Giuliana says, “Bill’s been incredible,” says Giuliana. “One of my first thoughts I had when I started considering the mastectomy was, ‘What am I going to look like?’ And then, ‘What will my husband think?’

“But Bill told me, ‘I don’t care about the physical results. I just want you around for another 50 years. I need you healthy. I need you as my wife. I need you as a mother to our kids.’

As for the surgery, scheduled for some time next week, Giuliana hopes will go smoothly and will be recovered in time for her and Bill’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square.

The surgery is set to take place next week. But Giuliana is anticipating a quick convalescence.

“Am I scared? Yes. Scared of the unknown. Scared of the pain,” Giuliana confesses. “But I’m not scared of what I’ll be like. I’ll have scars, but I like scars. Scars are beautiful because they tell a story.

“I’ll be able to say that I survived something major and it’s made me stronger. I will be a better woman for it.”


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