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Trey Songz Exclusive With Singersroom.com, Talks His Latest EP ‘Inevitable’, Success, Happiness, Love & Much More


During  a recent two-part interview with Singersroom, Trey Songz talks about recent release of his 5-track EP ‘Inevitable’, the joy and happiness he feels over his past year’s success and accomplishments. The singer, who just turned 27 earlier in the week, also dishes on love, relationships, what attracts his to a woman and his celebrity crushes.

Part I – Trey talks new projects, giving back and being innovative and successful.

On Being Happy with Success: “…Happy would be an understatement. Am I content? I don’t think I would ever be content but happy is something I’m definitely am. I’ve done amazing things with my life. I just turned 27,  I just gave all of my earnings from a show to a great cause that I’m going to be able to help children eat on the weekend when they’re not in school. A kid without a coat could have a coat because of something I’m doing with my life. Because of the talent that God gave me, people love me all around the world and one thing I’ve learned throughout my travels, throughout my career…success and happiness can’t really be judged by what other people think. You have to find that place for yourself and I’m successful as hell and I’m happy as a maf**ka.”

Part II –  He talks about how women catches his attention, love, open relationships and his celebrity crushes.

On Love vs. Sex: “I don’t think love is something anybody should go searching for, cause you bound to find something different. Love is something that could come out of nowhere or love is something that could take forever to find. At this stage in my life, I have people that I love, people that I care about but am I in love? No! Am I searching to be in love? No, not right at this moment! Would I love that in my Life? I think that is a missing part of who I am right now but I don’t think there’s much space for that. So I’m honest with myself and I’m honest with the women in my life.”


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